Freckles and thoughts. There’s almost an equal amount on my face and mind, respectively. In this blog, you’ll find articles regarding my thoughts on different subjects, including film, music, culture and lifestyle. I love to indulge in these worlds and analyze them. Here, you will be able to do the same. Stay and Enjoy!

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Latest from the Blog

The Origins Of Computing

Have you ever wondered how computers work or where they come from? This week, in my university course, Fundamentals of Computer Science, we studied the history of computing and how it all came to be. The origins of computing date back to many years ago when rising civilizations started using certain devices to count andContinue reading “The Origins Of Computing”

Puerto Rico’s Enchanting Yet Underrated Music Scene

Puerto Rico, the magical and endearing little island in the Caribbean rich in culture, history and music is internationally known for its reggaetón and salsa artists. However, this small and beautiful island also counts with an undercurrent of alternative, indie and pop bands worth listening to. In this post, I will show you some ofContinue reading “Puerto Rico’s Enchanting Yet Underrated Music Scene”

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