Feedly: An Organized Reading Experience

Have you ever wanted to stay up to date with the latest news but you find it too exhausting visiting every website individually? If you answered “yes”, then Feedly is for you.

I recently discovered Feedly in one of my university courses, and I have to say this website is very useful. As someone who likes to read about film, music and news in general, Feedly has helped me organize all the websites I used to visit one by one. Now, I only have to go to my Feedly account and everything is there.

In this post, I will show and recommend some media outlets that I follow on Feedly to stay in the know.

Firstly, I created a news feed and included the following news outlets:

  1. BBC News – World: This news outlet offers news from every continent.
  2. Centro de Periodismo Investigativo: This is a journalistic non-profit organization from Puerto Rico that provides news in a lengthier, investigative format.
  3. Columbia Journalism Review: An American magazine for professional journalists. This source includes news and media industry trends, analysis, and stories behind news. As a Journalism student, I find this one very interesting.
  4. El Nuevo Día: Local newspaper from Puerto Rico, providing the latest news from the island.
  5. The Atlantic- Global: News, stories and analyses of social issues from all around the world.
  6. NPR News: National Public Radio (NPR) is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization. Apart from political news, it also has sections for art, music and others.
  7. New York Times: News from the United States. It also has sections for various topics such as, science, health, books, etc.
  8. The Guardian: British daily newspaper covering politics, sports, culture, lifestyle and others.
  9. El País: Spanish news outlet that covers news from Spain and the rest of the world. It’s updated constantly and covers diverse topics, like latest trends, science, politics, etc.
  10. Vice US: News about politics, culture and music.

Then, I created a personal feed for websites that I visit regularly:

  1. Buzzfeed: The latest pop culture news with an easy-to-read format.
  2. Darling Magazine: Content and articles for women about style, beauty, culture, feminism and others.
  3. Donnamoderna: An Italian magazine for women about lifestyle, fitness, relationships, wellness, beauty, etc. The articles are very interesting and educational and help me practice my Italian.
  4. Variety- Film: Variety’s section about films and anything related to the world of films.
  5. History Today: Articles about history from all around the world.
  6. New York Times- Art: This section has news and articles about anything to do with the world of the arts. Film, television, theater, books, music and many more.
  7. Rolling Stone: The iconic magazine. It covers pop culture, mostly, and some politics.
  8. The A.V. Club: Articles about pop culture and all it involves.
  9. The Cut: Fashion, beauty and culture articles.
  10. The Hollywood Reporter: News and interviews about the world of entertainment.

These are the media outlets that I decided to follow on Feedly and that will keep me up to date with everything I want to know. I recommend Feedly to everyone who wants to have a more organized reading experience.

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