European Series for Your Entertainment

Photo by Scheier .hr on Unsplash

Netflix and other streaming platforms have given us the opportunity to experience other countries and cultures through our screens. Here, I will recommend some of the amazing European series I’ve watched, in no particular order. With subtitles or dubbing (or none), these series will surely have you hooked.

1. The Rain (Denmark)- Netflix’s The Rain follows Simone and her little brother Rasmus as they navigate the dangerous and lonely streets of Denmark after a deadly virus wipes out most of the population.

Streaming on Netflix

2. Quicksand (Sweden)- This Swedish crime drama sees Maja, a Stockholm high school student, as she finds herself on trial and suspected of murder after a tragic series of events take place at her school.

Streaming on Netflix

3. My Brilliant Friend (Italy)- This series gives us a glimpse at 1950’s Naples as Elena Greco recounts her lifelong friendship with Lila, a strong-willed girl she met in primary school.

Streaming on HBO

4. Deutschland 83 (Germany)- Set in 1983, this series takes us on an espionage journey as Martin Rauch, a 24- year old East German soldier is forced to become a spy in West Germany. Trying to get by, Martin makes decisions that constantly put him at risk and force him to take extreme measures.

Streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video

5. Biohackers (Germany)- Mia Akerlund discovers the world of biohacking technology when she joins a top German university as part of her mission to uncover a conspiracy linking her family to a biology professor.

Streaming on Netflix

These are just some of the European series that I have watched and enjoyed. Apart from being very entertaining, they will teach you something about these European countries, whether that be history, culture or just a good story. Give them a try and don’t be discouraged by a language barrier.

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