5 Italian Artists To Listen To Even If You Don’t Know Italian

Photo by blocks on Unsplash

Last year, I started learning Italian and one of the things that helped me the most was listening to Italian music. Apart from teaching me vocabulary and pronunciation, it introduced me to a wonderful world of amazing artists that I, perhaps, would have never known. It taught me that one doesn’t have to know or speak a language to enjoy art. Art is art in whatever shape or form.

In this post, I will recommend some of my favorite Italian artists and some of my favorite songs.

1. Ultimo– Niccolò Moriconi, known for his artistic name Ultimo, is an Italian pop singer/songwriter who in 2018 won Italy’s most popular song contest The Sanremo Music Festival with his song “Il ballo delle incertezze” .

Some of my favorite songs:

  1. Ti dedico il silenzio
  2. Pianeti
  3. Chiave
  4. Sogni Appesi
  5. Il ballo delle incertezze

2.Måneskin– Lead singer Damiano, bass player Victoria, lead guitarist Thomas and drummer Ethan form this Roman quartet. Their sound is a mixture of pop and rock with the occasional rock ballad. The raunchy and eccentric band rose to fame after placing second in Italy’s X Factor in 2017.

Some of my favorite songs:

  1. Le parole lontane
  2. L’altra dimensione
  3. Vent’anni
  4. Lasciami stare
  5. Torna a casa

3. Il Volo– An Italian operatic pop trio composed of Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto. With a mission to bring classics to a younger generation, the group has a long repertoire of classic Italian and Spanish songs, as well as original pieces with a younger sound. The group has been active since 2010 and have won and been nominated for various awards.

Some of my favorite songs:

  1. A chi mi dice
  2. Musica che resta
  3. L’amore si muove
  4. Il mondo
  5. Grande amore

4. Gaia– Gaia placed second in Italy’s X Factor in 2016. Born to a Brazilian mother and an Italian father, her debut album Nuova Genesi, released in March 2020, notably carries both influences in a fun, melodious way.

Some of my favorite songs:

  1. Vedrai vedrai
  2. Densa
  3. Stanza 309
  4. Calma
  5. Coco Chanel

5. Thegiornalisti– This Italian indie pop trio broke up in 2019, after front-man Tommaso Paradiso decided to chase a solo career. However, the band has several albums with lively pop tracks.

Some of my favorite songs:

  1. Disperato
  2. Completamente
  3. Gli alberi
  4. Love
  5. Maradona y Pelé

These are just some of my favorite Italian artists that I have encountered until now. I encourage anyone who is learning a language to look for artists that speak the language they are learning. Apart from helping with vocabulary and pronunciation, it will teach you how much talent the world has to offer. It truly is infinite and knows no barriers.

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