Puerto Rico’s Enchanting Yet Underrated Music Scene

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Puerto Rico, the magical and endearing little island in the Caribbean rich in culture, history and music is internationally known for its reggaetón and salsa artists. However, this small and beautiful island also counts with an undercurrent of alternative, indie and pop bands worth listening to. In this post, I will show you some of my favorite Puerto Rican alternative and indie bands to journey through a different side of Puerto Rican culture.

1.MaryOla– Formed in 2017, this band’s sound is ruled by psychedelic rock and funky guitar melodies accompanied by echoed voices. Their debut album was released in August 2019 and the band is currently working on new music.

Check out:

  1. Por allá va mi cabeza
  2. Degenere
  3. Luna Soñada
  4. Obsesión
  5. Vergüenza Cósmica

2.Del Mismo Racimo– This trio composed of two brothers and their father, takes influences from classic vintage music and merges it with modern sounds, labeling themselves as “genreless”.

Check out:

  1. Samba del equilibrio
  2. Danza artificial
  3. Enjambre
  4. Tazas
  5. Grietas de oro

3. Polem– This trio’s sound is driven by kaleidoscopic rhythms and synth melodies that feel dream-like. They came together in 2012 with a thirst for creativity.

Check out:

  1. Ya no soy
  2. Diferencia
  3. Bien o mal
  4. Dulce estar
  5. Denoches

4. Epilogio– Powered by funky melodies, this quartet delivers danceable songs with a disco feel, identifying their sound as retro-futuristic.

Check out:

  1. Fusión
  2. Te sobran las razones
  3. Decidí
  4. Resiliencia
  5. Modo

5. Los Wálters– Ángel Figueroa and Luis López form this synth-pop duo that started as a long-distance wireless collaboration. The band has had success performing in the United States and Latin America.

Check out:

  1. Balada lunar
  2. Cabaña
  3. Sin licencia
  4. Hasta el suelo
  5. Más de nadie

These bands are just a little taste of what the Puerto Rican music scene has to offer. I recommend all of them and encourage listeners to discover more of the fascinating music scene brewing in this little Caribbean island.

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