Historical TV Shows on Netflix to Travel Back in Time

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We have all thought about travelling back in time. For now, this is impossible. However, with movies and TV shows, one can transport into a different time in history just by watching a screen. One can also learn about historical events in a fun and dynamic way.  Many of these are combined with fictional characters or plots that add to the story, so they are not completely historically accurate. Nevertheless, they can be very entertaining. In this post, I will recommend some historical TV shows that you can watch on Netflix right now.


The early Germanic tribes, such as the Cherusci, are oppressed by the Roman empire’s heavy taxes and demands. Tired of the oppression, Thusnelda, a young Cherusci woman, unites forces and plans to put an end to the Roman empire’s domain. Things take a turn when she and her tribe are joined by Arminius, a native Cherusci that was given away as a child to Rome as a hostage and who must now decide where his loyalties lie.

The Borgias

This Showtime original follows the controversial Borgia family, led by father Rodrigo, who becomes Pope and takes control of Italy. His children Cesare, Juan and Lucrezia become pawns in his rule, causing intense family disruptions and interesting relationships. The series takes the viewer through Renaissance Italy and the paths these historical characters embark on.

The Last Kingdom

Adapted from book series The Saxon Tales, this Netflix series follows Uhtred, an Anglo-Saxon boy turned Danish Viking when he is captured and raised by Earl Ragnar, leader of Danish troops that killed Uhtred’s father and his Saxon army. Years later, when Ragnar is murdered, Uhtred must choose between his Saxon life or Viking life. With history and fiction intertwined, this series will take you on a journey through Uhtred’s life and the formation of what is now England.  

Babylon Berlin

Police commissioner, Gereon Rath, moves to Berlin, while struggling to keep a secret. In Berlin, the epicenter of political and social changes during the Golden Twenties, he is witness to historical events, such as the Weimar Republic, Communists, Soviets, Trotskyists, the stock market crash of 1929, among others.  He also meets interesting characters that take the viewers through Berlin society in the 1920’s.


This series tells the story of famous King Louis XIV, his various romances, and his different political decisions as he makes Versailles the center of aristocracy and political activity in France. The series also follows curious characters, whose life at the French palace included war, betrayal, and love.

Historical TV shows are my favorite genre of TV shows because they can transport me to a different time. It’s fascinating and delightful. I recommend all of the aforementioned shows and definitely have more recommendations for the future. But for now, whichever one of these you choose will definitely teach you about some time period or will let you relish in the interesting lives of the characters involved.

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