Hi, I’m Andrea, the creator of A Freckle For A Thought.

The title of this blog, A Freckle For A Thought, was inspired by the many ideas and thoughts I have in my head and by my freckled-face. You could say I have a freckle for a thought.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved writing and indulging in art, in its many forms. Throughout my life, I’ve always been in contact with the arts and creating them. Although I did not always know it, writing was the art which I loved most. This, I discovered when I was enrolled in university for a Business major. After a year of tedious accounting and administrating courses, I changed majors. Now a Journalism student, I get to write almost every day and hope I will be able to continue doing so for as long as I live. Through writing I express everything that’s in my head and feel inspired doing so.

In this blog, I will be writing about my favorite topics, including music, film and culture. These phenomenons I consider to be art forms, crucial for any society. In light of this, I hope this blog will be a safe space to share thoughts and ideas.